Dear Sisters,

Greetings to you!

We were happy to prepare ourselves spiritually for a month on the theme “Evangelized to Evangelize” to celebrate the Provincial Community Day. The eagerly awaited day dawned on 25th Jan. 2014. The celebration started at the break of the day with all the animators of the communities as we journeyed at 5.45 a.m. from Trichy Novitiate. The well animated Morning Prayer enthused us to praise and thank God for all the copious blessings that the Lord showers on the communities and on the Province.

We reached Auxilium College at Regunathapuram where all were warmly welcomed. The decorated campus was filled with the young people of the Arts and Science and the B. Ed colleges, the Salesian Family Members and the people of the locality. The beautiful nature around us and the atmosphere set the tone of the celebration. There was a lot of greeting, smiling and joy in the air. The novices and the sisters gathered in the refectory, after cutting a delicious cake, performed a melodious action song and the gifts were given by all the communities as a sign of gratitude. The funds contributed by all the communities was gifted to the developmental work of Auxilium College at Regunathapuram. After enjoying morning table fellowship we proceeded to Auxilium college stage for the Cultural Bonanza. The theme of the celebration was well presented by the young people that added festive joy and the various components of the cultural programme brought us laughter, relaxation and sense of being together as a Province.

The Eucharistic Con-celebration was presided by Rev. Fr. Camillus sdb the Rector of Don Bosco, Thanjavur with Fr. Nepolean the Parish Priest of K.K.Patti and Fr. Savariappan, O.S.M from Nanjikottai, Thanjavur. The well prepared liturgy, angelic choir and the homily on the four important aspects of Love urged us to celebrate our togetherness. It was an occasion to express our gratitude to God for His marvelous accompaniment throughout the year.

After the festal lunch we had recreation filled with fun and laughter putting us in relaxing mood. The sisters compete with each other to get the prizes and enjoyed the recreational activities with lots of humour and amusement.

I admired and appreciated the exhibits of all the communities which was prepared with much love and eagerness, expressed their desire to build up the communities.

I thank you very much for your commitment, whole hearted service, collaboration and the key role that all of you play in building up the Provincial Community.

The vibration of the joyful celebration of the Provincial Community Day is overwhelming our minds and hearts. This wonderful celebration is an invitation to journey in love and by love so as to create a home for our young people in our mission and in our communities.



“The life of Don Bosco and of the young people in the house of Valdocco was sustained by Jesus, present in the Eucharist, the centre towards which all gravitated.”(GC XXIII, pg. 22)
According to Don Bosco if we desired to do something glorious for God, pleasing to all the saints, the effective way to overcome temptations and the most certain way of persevering in doing good, is truly Holy Communion.
Don Bosco used to tell his boys we envy the shepherds for they saw the newly born baby Jesus and was privileged to kiss his tiny hands but the same privilege is ours too. The same Jesus whom the shepherd adored is here in the tabernacle. (MB VI, 351)

How true are the words of Don Bosco for we are certainly blessed to receive him in the form of Holy Communion everyday and under our own roof we have the abiding presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

“The Presence of Jesus was the heart of the Mornese Community, its dynamic centre, what urged it on to conversion and witness. The community in Mornese received their life from Him and sought to make Him known and loved. The first sisters were formed by the Eucharist to identify themselves with Jesus’ offering to the Father and in this way they grew in their gift of self, in mutual communion, in their passion for education, in acceptance of the cross and in prayer animated by a strong vision of the Church”.(GC XXIII , 23)
Fr. Cerruti recalls: “ I remember how devoutly she (Mother Mazzarello) received communion daily at Mornese and then at Nizza Monferrato, where I said the community Mass and distributed Holy Communion.”

The lay people, acquaintances and all the sisters almost felt that she seemed to be transfigured when she received Holy Communion and this greatly impressed everyone. Mother Mazzarello had an ardent faith in the Eucharist and she often visited Jesus in the Bl. Sacrament. If she was not found in her room one was sure to find her praying fervently kneeling in front of the Eucharist. It almost seemed Monsignor Costamagna says that she seemed to see our Lord not only with the eyes of faith but also with her Physical eyes.

The Holy Eucharist is the bond that unites us in the community as we are nourished by his body and form one heart and soul and become like him “bread” for our brothers and sisters. Let us also strive to help the young people to discover the joy of being united with theLord and educate them to live the liturgy that they too may experience the transforming encounter with Christ and be ready to serve the society.



The Educating Community Zonal Level Meet will be held on 1st Feb. 2014 at Chetpet, Vellore and Thanjavur. All the Animators, Headmistress, Sisters responsible of the Educating community and the lay collaborators are expected to take part in this meet.


The Junior Sisters will have their tri monthly recollection on 8th and 9th Feb. 2014 at Kodambakkam. They are expected to be present on 7th Feb. 2014 at Kodambakkam by 4.00 p.m.


Salesian Family Delegates regional meeting will be held at Don Bosco Provincial House, Hyderabad from 7th to 9th February 2014. Sr. Soosaimarian Pushpam and Sr. Anthony Rosy will be the participants from our Province.


I will be going to Philippines on 20th Feb. 2014 to meet the novice Sr. Usha Nandhini from Sri Lanka as she is preparing for her first commitment. I will be back to the Province by 24th Feb. 2014.


I am happy to inform you that Madha TV will be launched on 11th February, the feast of Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Lourdes. We are grateful for the strenuous effort taken by Tamil Nadu Bishops to evangelize and to build up God’s Kingdom. We thank the TNBC, particularly Bp. Peter Remigius, the Bishop of Kottar the President of TNBC, Bp. Lawrence Pius, the Bishop of Dharmapuri and Fr. David, the Director of Santhome Communication Centre, for their fruitful labour to make their dream a reality.


I congratulate Fr. Nirmol Vincent Gomes, the newly appointed sdb Provincial of the Province of Kolkata. I am happy to extend my prayerful wishes that God may shower His manifold blessings on him to lead the Province along the path of holiness in the footsteps of our Saintly Founder Don Bosco.


The New Diocese of Sulthanpet is erected by the Holy Father taking parishes from Coimbatore and Calicut dioceses in Kerala. Rev. Fr. Antonysamy Peter Abir of Pondicherry Archdiocese is appointed the first Bishop of the new diocese of Sulthanpet having its head quarters in Palaghat in Kerala. We congratulate Fr. Antonysamy Peter Abir and wish him all success in the new diocese of Sulthanpet.


To Sr. Yetukuri Alphonsa Maria the Vice Provincial for proposing a month of Spiritual preparation and coordinating well the entire programme of the Provincial Community Day.

I appreciate and thank Sr. Siriapushpam Mathew the Animator and sisters of Auxilium Regunathapuram for your meticulous organization and execution, spirit of sacrifice, hard work and loving ways to make the celebration of the Provincial community day a joyful and colourful one.

I thank Sr. Celine Santiagu and her sisters of Vadakku Paganoor, Trichy for the delightful dance performed by their children, and Sr. Nirmala Lazar and her sisters of Thanjavur for the variety of dances staged by their students.

I thank all the communities and the sisters who collaborated during the Provincial Community Day celebration. The community of Arni for animating well the Morning prayer, the communities of Auxilium Home and Sacred Heart Home for the meaning initiatives during the liturgy, the joyful, active and fun filled recreation animated by the communities of Tirupattur Mary Immaculate and Jawadhi Hills.

Sacred Heart Home, Katpadi for their loving availability to reach out to the needs of the retreatants of first group and for creating a conducive atmosphere for prayer and reflection.

To the Animator and the community of Kodambakkam for your loving and homely atmosphere during the Economers and Headmistress of Primary and Matriculation School meet.

To the Animator and the sisters of Auxilium Home, Katpadi for your spirit of hospitality and care shown during the Provincial Team Meet.

To the Animator and the sisters of Trichy novitiate for your love, thoughtfulness, sacrifice and creating a family atmosphere during the faith formation meet and Animators meet.

To the Animator and the sisters of Vellore for your generosity and availability to host the faith formation meet.

To the Animator and sisters of Auxilium, Thanjavur for creating a conducive atmosphere for prayer, reflection and for family spirit during the retreat for the Contact Period and Apostolic School Candidates.


Sr. Genevieve Battigelli from Kolkata Province, Sr. Bernadette Sangma from Shillong Province who are on treatment at CMC hospital, Vellore. I request you and the children to pray for their good health.


† To Sr. Irudayam Benita Rani who lost her brother Mr. Francis (43) on 4th January 2014.
† To Sr. Devadoss Margaret who lost her elder brother Mr. Raja (58) on 12th January 2014.
† To Sr. Susheela Nicholas who lost her nephew Mr. Stanley (32) on 18th January 2014.
† To Sr. Anthiah Josephine who lost her brother in law Mr. Arulappa (63) on 25th January 2014.
† To Rev. Fr. Albert Johnson sdb – Provincial of Trichy Province who lost his dear mother Mrs. Nambickai on 10th January 2014.

The Church invites us to reflect on our Religious Call on 2nd February as it is the World day of Consecrated life.

“Wake up the world! Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, of acting, of living! It is possible to live differently in this world,” Pope Francis said. “We are speaking of an eschatological outlook, of the values of the Kingdom incarnated here, on this earth. It is a question of leaving everything to follow the Lord.

Holy Father exhorts us Religious to follow the Lord in a prophetic way and to be men and women to wake the world up.

Yours Affectionately,



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