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Dearest Children,

I am glad to wish a very Happy Children’s day to all of you, the young recipients of our educational institutions. In you the prospects of a future is envisioned as you will grow up to be great leaders, teachers, engineers, physicians, administrators, legislators, artists, philosophers, social workers, writers and scientists etc. who will carry forth the ideals, aspirations, ambitions and hopes of the previous generation. As Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow”, you are the future pillars of the edifice of Society as on your shoulders rests the continuity of justice, liberty equality, fraternity and peace. As Don Bosco has said, “play, jump and sing but do not sin”. Be wise in the use of media and prudent in the choice of friends. Never hesitate to receive advice from your parents and elders.

As free children of God you need to know your rights, respect and ensure them so that you open your eyes to see millions of your peers belonging to vulnerable section of the society. You will come to understand the plight of these children around the world who are victims of war and violence, refugee and migrant children, child beggars, victims of child marriage, trafficked children, child prostitutes, children of prisoners, children affected by conflict/civil strife, children affected by disasters both natural and man-made, children affected by substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other terminal diseases, misled by social media, exploited as child labourers and discriminated on various grounds, the children living in the streets, disabled children who are denied rehabilitation and children marginalized due to religious or ethnic minority status.  You have the responsibility to safeguard the rights of these vulnerable children. This year as we celebrate the children’s day let us remember to pray for these your friends. Will you be courageous to create a child- focused culture in our society?

Jesus had a great regard and affection for you, children, and often took you as an example, unlike his contemporaries who considered children as non-entity because they lacked social status and legal rights. He said, “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a little  child shall not enter it.” Jesus placed you as an example in his instruction exhorting the adults to be humble, for pride is a hindrance to enter the kingdom of God. He was vehement in condemning those who wronged the little ones as he strongly recommended that a millstone were hung about their necks and be drowned. Jesus’ love and compassion for you is evident in the raising of Jairus’s daughter from death in the most affectionate words, “Little girl, I tell you arise.” He welcomed you even at the moment when he was tired and his disciples were about to turn the mothers away so as to enable Jesus to rest peacefully.

I invite you dear children, to experience the special love of God for each one of you and be happy about it, trust in His fatherly care to supply all our needs and continue to have a childlike attitude towards him.

May God bless you abundantly! May you have a happy life now and a bright future ahead!

Today I assure my special prayers for you and for all your intentions!

Yours affectionately,

Sr. Nirmala Lazar FMA