The sisters were warmly welcomed with sandal paste, kumkum and were offered a flower to pin up. The Morning Prayer was animated by the sisters of Marialaya Chennai.

It was an invitation to rethink and recreate a home that brings hope and faith to the poor young people who are entrusted to our care.

The sisters of Cuore Immacolato di Maria, Kingsford animated the liturgy of the inaugural mass.

The sisters and the representatives of the Salesian Family gathered in front of the portico and the young people of Our Lady’s, Kingsford presented a choreography to the introduction of the Mass which exhorted us to become a home that experiences the attraction of the encounter with Jesus, that lives gospel style of relationship that is legible today and that witnesses, passing on the joy of encountering Jesus, to the young.

Archbishop Emeritus Dr. A.M.Chinnappa was appreciative for kindling the fire of Jesus in the young girls who are grateful to the sisters and remember those who have touched their lives especially those who belong to other religions have been evangelized. He also shared his call to Salesian life. In his reflection on the theme of the chapter he said that our hearts are homes where there is an atmosphere of acceptance, smile and joy where the young people feel at home.

He exhorted us to make our homes a real home like our founders Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello.

The solemn inauguration of the Provincial Chapter 2013 began at 9.00 in Fatima Convent auditorium.

Sr. Soosai Magnificat the provincial welcomed the august gathering and introduced the theme and the icon of the chapter.

As the Provincial chapter 2013 was declared open a house was symbolically opened and the young people carried placards to represent the universal home as a place of evangelization, dwelling place of God, accompaniment, communion, hospitality, joy, solidarity, friendship, listening, growth, encounter and education.

The young girls of Fatima Matriculation School presented a scintillating dance to the tune of the theme song of the Provincial Chapter – “Home make sweet Home for every young who longs for God”.

Rt. Rev. A.M Chinnappa in his inaugural message commended that the theme chosen for the Chapter proves that our Institute is ahead of other Congregations in discerning and suggesting ways and means for the New Evangelization. He further gave his suggestions for discussion:

  1. The demands of the socio economic, cultural and ethnic situations of our country.
  2. The communitarian aspects in the process of New Evangelization.
  3. The attention to be paid to the word of God and its charismatic and prophetic nature.
  4. The need to elicit co operation of every one.
  5. To see whether the institute of FMA is filled with energy or emptiness
    a) in relationship
    b) in community spirit
    c) in missionary zeal
    d) in practicing genuine family spirit
    e) In expressing benevolence, loving kindness, optimism, hope and co responsibility.
    He shared his experience of participating in the XIII general assembly of the synod of bishops in October 2012, Rome. He said that, true conversion brings in an attitudinal change, a true Christian mentality and well defined system in every aspect of community living – transparency in just administration, a verifiable style in sharing of leadership from among the marginalized and the oppressed with an eye on the interreligious and the ecumenical neighbourhood.
    He said that he presented the famous three Indian methods in the synod for achieving spiritual experience. They are :
    a) Gnana Marga – Knowledge way
    b) Karma Marga – action way
    c) Bhakti Marga – ways of devotions.

Sr. Arul Gracy, SMA read out the message of Sr. Jeyarani, Mother General of Sisters of Maria Ausiliatrice. The message invited the Chapter members to reach out to our brothers and sisters gone away from the church, those who are away from the Gospel, and to heed to the call to conversion, proclaim the Gospel and hoped that our religious houses may become a home for young people that evangelizes.

Mr. John Bosco the president of Co-operators, Province of Chennai offered his felicitations and said that they too are happy to assume the theme of the chapter as their mission and also assured that they will implement the same in their educational mission.

Miss. Teresa Rani, representative of the VDB of Chennai Province, assured her prayers and wishes for the chapter and she shared in her message her ardent desire that this chapter will impel us to act not with the mind but with the heart which is also the expectation of the young people. She also added that this chapter may inspire us to impart the basic values of Jesus avoiding politics based on caste, power and money.

Mr. Arul Joseph, President of VIDES offered his felicitations with the biblical verse “The greatest of all is love” and assured the whole hearted co-operation of the VIDES in all our educative endeavors.

Miss Victoria, President of the Past Pupils Association reminisced that the GC XXII theme ‘Greatest of all is love” helped the Salesian family to live the spectrum of the dimensions of God’s love and to realize the marvels of his love in their life. She presented her felicitations for the Provincial Chapter 2013 and said that as the PC has the good of the young as the prime motivation it is also an invitation to transform the challenges to achievements in the educative mission of the poorest young people.

Mrs. Britilla, co-ordinaor of women self help groups assured her prayers and good wishes for the Provincial Chapter 2013. She hoped that the resolutions passed on behalf of women promotion will be more beneficial to them and also assured their co-operation in all our endeavours.

Sr. Yettukuri Alphonsa read out the message of Mother General who extended her warm greetings and sincere wishes for the provincial chapter 2013. She exhorted us “to be truly with the young, a home that evangelizes – in keeping with the reflection of the chapter theme – it is necessary to have a contemplative heart capable of recognizing the presence of Jesus in us and to live up to its demands. In today’s world, only a mystical attitude will make us spiritually fruitful: it will allow us to come out of our comfort zones and worldly mentality. She had expressed her hope that “our communities become more and more homes with the doors and the windows open, where the light of God enters and the joy of faith is lived and witnessed: home of the missionary proclamation, involving young people as active and responsible protagonists in this great and beautiful adventure.“

Mrs. Jasmine Malathy, teacher from Chetpet shared that humanness and spirituality makes a house a home. They expressed the desire that we give a creative, courageous and just response to the needs of the poorest of the society. She shared her concern that we primarily should educate the young through our witness.

Miss Suchitra, representative of youth at risk from Marialaya, Chennai was full of appreciation for the mission rendered to uplift the young at risk. She was full of hope that the Provincial Chapter 2013 deliberations will help to blossom the lives of many more youth at risk.

Miss Preethi, representative of young people was full of gratitude for instilling values and being exemplary role models. She took the opportunity to suggest some proposals for our reflection. She was of the opinion that in the educational level the children should be prepared to come up to the top level and also in all walks of life. She was of the opinion that a college should be started in Chennai as there are very few Catholic colleges in Chennai city.

Miss Josephine Vinnarasi, representative of young people, Francis Xavier, Broadway pointed out that the theme of the chapter is apt at the present time where there is lack of faith and healthy relationships. She said that as today’s youth are at the cross roads of technology and humanity. It was her urgent plea that the youth must be respected in their brokenness and waywardness and requested that we spend our quality time to experience and share genuine love.

The young people of Tiruvottiyur performed a Choreography bringing home the message that through our commitment, loyalty, compassion, kindness, love and thoughtfulness we can cry out joyfully that God lives in our home.

Sr. Rodriquez Magdalene delivered the vote of thanks.
Sr. Viagappan Rosario Jebamani and Sr. Samala Rayappan Elisa beautifully co-ordinated the events of the day.

After a short break the Chapter members promptly gathered in the hall. After the invocation at 12.00 noon Sr. Soosai Magnificat, Provincial presented the sessenial report of the Province 2008 – 2013.

The 90 minutes report evoked a lot of responses from the Chapter members. They were grateful for the detailed presentation made and also sought clarifications on certain issues and suggested certain additions to be made.

The lunch was followed by the presentation of the administration report by Sr. Irudayam M. Nirmal Rose. There were many interventions by the members who appreciated the crisp financial statement.

At 3.15 p.m. Sr. Yetukuri Alphonsa Maria, presented the process of Provincial chapter 2013 and orientations regarding the group discussion which was followed by the recitaion of the rosary with meaningful intentions for every decade animated by Sr. Annie Pazhayatil, Yercaud.

Sr. Yetukuri Alphonsa Maria, moderator informed the Chapter Members about the guidelines for group discussion on the consolidated report of the 1st and 2nd aspects. The members proceeded to the places and enthusiastically participated in the discussions. The group discussion was followed by evening prayer animated by Maria Ausiliatrice, Sirudur- Madurai.

During good night Sr. Fernando Mary Ann shared about the mission in Sri Lanka through a video presentation after which the Provincial invited the sisters to opt for missionary vocation specially to work in Sri Lanka for a short period as there many invitations from the Bishops for new presences. In her good night thought Provincial said that Mary is the home of the living God for she allowed God to inhabit her so she was able to change her perspective and generate life. The Provincial invited us to follow her example.




The concluding day of the provincial chapter dawned with an expectant note in the hope of a happy completion. The day was begun with the intercession of Mary Help of Christians and the morning prayer took us back to Valdocco and Mornese – Prophetic sources.

The Holy Mass of the commemoration of Mary Help of Christians was solemnized by Fr. Doss Kenndy SDB, Vice Provincial of Trichy Province in his sermon shared about the importance of interiorization in religious life and drew a significant comparison of FMA GC XXIII and GC —- of the Salesians. He focused on three points: First – communities rooted in Jesus which is a basic call to acknowledge the primacy of God in one’s life and our communities should be centered on God. Second – Valdocco and Mornese : A home where one experiences family. The family is where one experiences fraternity and it is a place where love and joy is experienced. He pointed out that the Rector Major and Mother General are emphasizing the same idea. Third – the community is a mission experience where we are called to be servants of the young. He concluded by saying that our founders were prophets who lived the present, interpreted the present, aware of the injustice and warned the people that they shouldn’t continue the present. He acclaimed that our pope, Rector Major and Mary Mazzarello are prophets of a New Future.

At 9.00 a.m. the chapter members gathered in front of the Eucharistic Lord to seek his inspiration and guidance for the election of the delegates and substitutes for the General chapter XXIII.

The chapter members assembled for the election at 9.45 a.m. Sr. Yettukuri Alphonsa Maria and Sr.Kanickairaj Tamizharasi were elected as delegates to GCXXIII and Sr. Susai Josephine Rani and Sr. Stanislaus Mary Dora were elected as Substitutes.

The General Assembly gathered after a short break to vote for Guidelines 2 which was followed by discussions on the proposals to be implemented in the province. At 3 p.m the chapter members came together to continue the discussions on deliberations to General chapter XXIII After the successful completions of the day’s events Sr.Provincial thanked Sr.Yetukuri Alphonsa Maria the Moderator, Councillors, former Provincials, Team members, Core Group members, Commission Members, Chapter Members, Sisters of Fatima convent and the Postulants.

The sisters also in turn expressed their gratitude with novelty to Sr. Soosai Magnificat Provincial, Sr.Yettukuri Alphonsa Maria, Moderator and others. Sr. Susai Raj Mary Shiela and Sr. Anthonisamy Rosy coordinated the events of the day.

The chapter members gathered in the chapel for the concluding ceremony of the Provincial Chapter 2013. During the meaningful service a symbolic home was formed, in which sister Soosai Magnificat placed a lamp. The Moderator handed over the final approved text and deliberations of the provincial chapter to Sr.Provincial. The sisters received the light from the provincial and took a pledge. Sr.Provincial in her concluding message asked the sisters to build a home for the sisters and young people by following the deliberations of the chapter and declared the Provincial Chapter 2013 closed.