Period of assessment and Guidance: Contact Period for Candidates and Aspirantate

  • Time of discernment for vocational choice.
  • Offering the possibility to live in one of our Salesian Community.
  • Deepening one’s self-awareness.
  • Strengthening Human Christian formation.


Postulancy is a period of formation to the Novitiate. During Postulancy the young candidate, deepens her awareness of God’s call.

  • An intense experience of Christian life.
  • Deepens her vocational awareness.
  • Gradually matures in relationship with others and assesses her call.
  • Encounters the heritage of the Institute and assesses her suitability to become an FMA.
  • Is accompanied and challenged, to make her gradual choice.
  • Initiates herself to personal and community prayer.
  • Conscious detachment from the family and getting inserted into the religious Community.


Novitiate is an important period of formation.

  • Learns to live as an FMA, in the spirit of the covenant.
  • Reaches a deeper awareness of the vocational experience.
  • Internalizes Gospel and Salesian values.
  • Centers herself following Christ chaste, poor and obedient and deepens her knowledge of Mary.

Temporary Vows

Temporary Vows preparation for total consecration of oneself to God. Lasts from six to nine Years.

  • Temporary professed are directly involved in the educative mission.
  • Become more autonomous and responsible.
  • Entrusts herself to God for continuous help.
  • Deepens and experiences of giving herself to God and the mission.
  • Actively participates and involves herself in the Community.
  • Assumes the Evangelical counsels.