Born in Chieri (Turin) on November 15, 1847, from an early age Sr. Maddalena Caterina Morano began to teach the local children. This proved to be a practical training for the work of education to which she dedicated her life, especially after she had qualified as a teacher. She was already an experienced teacher and catechist when, following Don Bosco’s advice, she set about fulfilling the dream of consecrating her life to God, which she had cherished since her First Communion.In 1879 she became a Salesian Sister and asked God for the grace “of living until I have completed my journey to holiness”.Destined for Sicily, in 1881, she undertook a fruitful educative mission among the girls and young women of the working classes. “With one glance at earth and ten at Heaven” she opened schools, oratories, hostels and sewing schools all over the island.

Nominated provincial, she took on the work of formation of the many new vocations that were attracted by her zeal and by the community atmosphere she created. Her manifold apostolate was appreciated and encouraged by the Bishops, who entrusted the work of catechesis to her evangelical creativity.After suffering from a tumour, she closed her life of total coherence at Catania on March 26, 1908. She had always lived up to her resolution of “never blocking the action of Grace by giving in to personal egoism”.

In that same city Pope John Paul II proclaimed her Blessed, on November 5, 1994. Her memory is celebrated on the date of her earthly birthday: November 15. Her remains are venerated in the Chapel of the Salesian Sisters at Ali Terme (Messina).