It gives me great pleasure to give you the growth of the past pupils association in south India. Our early Missionaries, those who came down to India in 1922 and after were filled with the great desire to  establish oratories and past pupils Association in all their houses. Thus at St. Mary’s convent  Vellore, 5 years after the Training School had taken a firm foundation, The past pupils Association was found in 1938 under the able guidance of Sr. Sandra Burgos. It was the very first Past Pupils Association in our Province, and Sr. Sandra was just the right Person to give an impetus to our Association which now has 22 units. Sr. Sandra the past pupils meet meant a real renewal both spiritually, physically and academically. She would organize a Spiritual Retreat, make the Sisters give a talk on the latest method of teaching, have a special exhibition of Teaching Aids, hold games and other amusements and finally wind up with a group photo. To enable all to take part in the activities of the Association a Committee was formed for every Taluk to give the where about of Past Pupils. During World war II Circulars were sent as the past pupils could not conveniently meet and I am happy to say that these circulars and minutes since 1938 are still in the archives of the house.The circulars show the happy report between Sr. Superior and the Past Pupils especially during the time of Mother Merlo. From 1947 to 1957 they met continuously say even every month. But in 1957 it was decided to have the meetings annually. This continues up to the present day and the Past Pupils are noted for their loyalty and apostolate. Today the number of units has grown to 22.

Spiritual Animation (Provincial Level)

  • The delegate of the Past Pupils one who represents, animates and accompanies.
  • Yearly – 2 meetings are conducted for delegates and Past Pupils.
    1. Animation Meet for delegates & Past Pupil
    2. Strenna Explanation
    3. UNO Theme – Explanation
    4. Peace Message by Holy Father
    5. Statues Presented and Explained to the Local delegates
    6. Plan & Project for the Year – How to Strengthen the Past Pupils association.

Local Level Spiritual & Activities

  • Two Meeting are organized on 15th August and 26th January.
  • To be faithful to attend the Holy Mass & Prayer the Rosary.
  • Imbibing the Qualities of the Good Shepherd.
  • Teaching Catechism Class in the Parish.
  • Involving in the Parish activities and BCC’s.
  • To deepen the Knowledge and nature of the FMA Past Pupils Association.
  • To give importance to Enrollment Day and the Annual Day.
  • Know more about the Educative mission of Don Bosco and St.Mary Mazzarello.
  • Study of the Statutes.
  • A web site is prepared for better communication and relating with members.
  • Regular meetings are held in most of the Units.
  • Visiting Orphanages.
  • Coaching classes and extra training with special attention was given for the slow learners.
  • Conducting Eye camp by which free treatment and operation etc. offered for the poor.
  • Guidance and counseling were given for the psychology affected students due to some domestic problem.
  • Financial aid is given for the poor Students for the higher Education.
  • Past Pupils went to Sri Lankan Refugee camp. Abdulapuram, Prison and After Care Home. To wish Christmas Greetings by sharing our love and the necessary materials with them.
  • Effort is made to unite the broken families.
  • To make our Past Pupils ‘upright citizens’ good Christians in their families & work places.
  • To visit former companions who are ill and give them the support they need, as far as one is able.
  • To involve actively in the socio-political situations.
  • Our Past pupils serve the society as Doctors, Nurses, Teachers and Social Workers.

The Past Pupils are grateful for arranging the meeting and helping them to relive their Values in their lives. Something is done everywhere by individual Past Pupils who have learnt especially in school and in the boarding houses to enrich their lives with the characteristics of a true Salesian education viz., joy, service, piety, love for their families, love for work. cleanliness etc. But as educated Past Pupils we could do more for the Society Especially for the poor young people.


Dear Alumni of our Salesian Family,

Hearty greetings from your beloved Mother Sr Devadoss Margaret! It gives me immense pleasure to continue our everlasting family ties with you and admire your very presence in the Past Pupils Federation of INM FMA. As you step out of your Alma Mater, you are automatically stepping into the Great and bigger Family of the FMA’s (Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco) world around.

Salesian Alumni are the real “Treasure” and “Source of Inspiration” for all our educational Institutions and you are the great ambassadors in promoting your beloved Alma mater’s name to the outside world. Your achievements after your education in our institutions reflect the quality of our Salesian Education. We, the Family of FMA – INM, thank you for being our treasure, source of inspiration and vital members of the Salesian Family in living and spreading values such as forgiveness, compassion, love, fraternity, respect, solidarity, peace and justice, the values you imbibed,  in the place you live and work. I wish to appreciate each of you for being good and honest citizens of God and country and salute you for acquiring a prestigious position in your area of expertise and making your Alma Mater feel proud! You are our joy and our glory!

I am sure there are many good reasons for alumni members to be constantly in touch with your alma mater.  We, the Salesian Educators, not only admire your achievements but also expect you to share your expert knowledge in your relevant fields to further enhance, strengthen and reinforce the overall quality of our Educational Institutions. We urge you dear alumni members to stay connected and to extend your support and collaboration in all the possible ways, to strengthen your loving bond with your Salesian Family. Our hearts and this Past Pupils website portal are always open to receive your life views and values, life stories that give meaning to you and the other family members. Stay blessed! Stay Connected!

Let’s do our best to pray for each other, listen and share the joys and sorrows of our family members and rejoice and appreciate the success of everyone!

May our Saintly Mother Mazzarello and Don Bosco accompany you in your life journey!

May the maternal guidance of Mary Most Holy sustain you as you dream, and dream for a better world for all where a civilization of love will reign supreme!

God Bless you all!

Sr Devadoss Margaret FMA

Provincial – INM