Vides Motto

Vides Chennai is a part of Vides international, NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and social Council and the department of Public Information of the United Nations. The Province of St. Thomas the Apostle, Chennai comprises of 35 FMA Communities spread over the entire state of Tamil Nadu. A good number of Educational Institutions, Professional Schools, Vocational Training Centers and Non-formal Centers are run by these houses.

Our Vides members numbering 580, with 394 female volunteers and 186 male volunteers, are all associated in some way or the other with our Centers including students, educators, parents, well-wishers, benefactors and people from the neighborhood, all eager to share their time and energy with the weaker sections of the society in and around the areas where our houses are situated.

The number of Units and the volunteers keep increasing year after year. In the year 1998 there were five Units, Now it has grown to 27 Units, effective in three zones, Chennai, Vellore and South

It consists of 12 Executive Members

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Councilors

Vides Plan And Project 2007 – 2008

Personal Life


Keeping God as the centre, let us live loving nature and living in harmony with the same.

Action Plan

  • Dialogue with God at least 10 minutes a day
  • Meet our challenges with great confidence and faith
  • Spread God’s Word in the places where we render service
  • Share with others what we have
  • Spend our time, talents and energy for the upliftment of others

Family Life


To develop a sincere relationship between the family members, let us create a suitable environment by respecting the feelings of others.

Action Plan

  • Family prayer and reading the Word of God daily
  • Discuss and take decisions with all the family members
  • Sharing and Forgiveness among the family members
  • Parents to have confidence in their children
  • Respect the elders and fulfill their needs

Social Life


To work for the social upliftment of the people by respecting human beings, protecting the environment in order to create a loving society.

Action Plan

  • Give awareness regarding the use of natural fertilizers
  • Encourage the farmers by providing seeds for better productions
  • Each Vides member to plant at least 10 trees
  • Give awareness in owning the earth as our home
  • To conduct inter-religious prayer moments and relationships.
  • Give awareness to the society about the gift of life
  • Awareness to maintain the suitable environment

Eductional Services

  • Special evening coaching classes for the below average students
  • Basic information about computers to be introduced
  • Career guidance for the students
  • Awareness about the effects of globalization
  • Opening a libraries in the villages

Other Services

  • Environmental studies can be suggested for higher education
  • Co-operate and collaborate with other NGSs
  • To form new vides members in zonal and local units