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The day you help others is the day you start living. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Supplementary Education

Marialaya’s evening study centres/tuition classes focuses on the provision of additional support for curriculum subjects including languages, & main subjects, health & nutrition, safety & protection, right based education, sports & cultural enrichment activities such as faith, arts and sports. The classes are taken every day except weekends from 4 pm to 5.30 pm. The evening study centres’ activities are much excited to children to learn & to exhibit their talents. 414 children of Kannagi Nagar community benefits through these evening study centres. Constant care is given to prevent school drop-outs. The Weekend programmes enlighten them on children’s rights and the Child Participation activities like children parliament equip them to fight against the abuses of all sorts.

Children’s Parliament

The Children’s Parliament is a group of children leaders of a particular neighborhood, or region who as leaders carry out their group for activities, plan out their effective programmes for the good of their student community and represent their interests, opinions and rights to the decision makers of their community. A lack of communication between adults and children in the decision making process have hindered the development of their health, education, and their ability to make their own choices. To counter this non-participation, Marialaya promotes children’s participation and help them exercise their rights through children’s parliaments.  Children are taught to fight for their rights, and work for the social cause.  

  • Children’s parliament members organise rallies to give awareness on Importance of education, Child rights, prevention of drug abuse, no to Plastics etc. and they effectively communicate the message to the community.
  • Now, the children’s parliament members along with other children are waging war against Covid-19. In their every house, posters are pasted instructing to take the precautions of Covid-19 and strictly follow the rules prescribed by the govt. They safe guard themselves from the disease and also save their families and the community in general. They are waiting to take up their position as ministers in the upcoming academic year June 2021- April 2022

Child Protection Committee

So far 9 Child Protection Committees are formed to ensure children’s rights in the area.  A Local leader, a teacher and a woman from Marialaya SHG are the members of CPC committee. Each member is trained to take immediate action to safeguard the children from child abuse, discrimination, and exploitation, violence at schools, corporal punishment and bullying or peer abuses. Their role is to respond to child protection issues immediately on the ground and in case of emergency to quickly contact child emergency line.