Laura was born in Florence on January 5, 1873 to Alessandro and Angela Mazzoni.Her wealthy, noble family moved to Rome soon after. Here Laura studied medicine.On becoming a Salesian Sister in 1898 she worked mainly in Sicily until 1921, when she was chosen to lead the first group of Sisters sent to Poland. Especially during the events of the last war, this ‘little mother’ lived a life of love and courage.Laura prayed much. When her spiritual director, a Salesian, told her that God was calling her to join Don Bosco’s Sisters, she spent whole nights in prayer.

She worked incessantly and, even in the midst of extreme poverty, was capable of opening the houses to everyone in need. She began by taking in orphaned or abandoned children, then came the older girls, the schools, sewing classes, postulants, novices, Sisters; then the refugees, the persecuted, the sick, the exiles…Mother Laura was able to comfort everyone. At the same time she prayed and suffered. She lived Poland’s long agony and martyrdom in the years 1938-1945. To those who asked her: “Are you not lonely for Italy?” she replied: “I have two homelands: Italy and Poland, and I could not tell you which I love the most”. The Sisters and 104 girls had to leave Vilnius, in secret, in a special train, as many had no authorisation. Mother Laura said yes to all of them!The provincial was anxious, there might be some shooting. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll pray”. The journey, which lasted 16 days, had a happy ending, but only by a real miracle.

When the war was over, they had to leave those territories that had become Soviet republics and begin all over again. Mother Laura started again: she opened twelve houses. The new novitiate was established at Pogrzebien, in an old castle that had been used by the Germans to exterminate women and children. Everywhere joy, life and smiles returned. But Mother Laura was growing tired.

Assisted by the Sisters, and supported by everyone’s prayers, she died there in August 30, 1951. Her remains lie in Pogrzebien. The study process on the life and virtue of the Servant of God, Sr. Laura Meozzi was celebrated in Poland in the Diocese of Katowice during the years 1986-1994.