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01-12-2016 | Venue:

Christmas Novena 2016


Salesian Sisters, Mazzarello Convent, Kodambakkam


DECEMBER 16th - 24TH   2016


The theme of the Advent season has been one of joyous expectancy as the Church, in vigilant preparation, waited and watched for the first signs of the coming of the Lord. The very name Advent, and the Masses of the four Sundays with their urgent plea to Christ to "hasten and delay not" have reminded us that we are awaiting His coming in grace at Christmas, and in glory at the end of time. The last and most intensive phase of Advent preparation begins with the Christmas Novena. We shall meditate on the great "O Antiphons" and they are seven jewels of liturgical song, one for each day until Christmas Eve. They seem to sum up all our Advent longing as they paint in vivid terms the wretched condition of mankind and of our need for a Savior. Addressing Christ with seven magnificent titles, we beg Him with mounting impatience to come to save us, His people. May the Lord who became love incarnate teach us to love and be saved by Love.


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