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19-11-2016 | Venue:

Seminar on Catechetics


To enhance lay spirituality that unfolds in family life and its relationships, the province of Chennai gathered the teachers in Zonal level and animated them.

The seminar was conducted in Auxilium College, where 90 of them had participated with enthusiasm. The day was co-ordinated by Sr.Chinnappan Gracy Fatima  and Sr.Arockiasamy Verginia Mary joined her as a resource person.

The seminar was began at 9.30 a.m with a prayer and welcome address was given by a teacher from Arni.  Rev.Sr.Samala Amalorpavam, the Superior of Auxilium College was present to inaugurate the day with her golden words. She spoke on the urgency of education in the catholic School with the spirit of our founders Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello.  She requested the teachers to form the conscience of the Children as the Holy Father recommends the family and School.

The First talk was given by Sr.Verginia Mary on 'Education in the Family' as in Amoris Laetitia. She spoke on the responsibility of a family in the field of education coating the apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis.  

After the break Sr.Chinnappan Gracy Fatima presented the Methodology for teaching Value Education. In her talk she underlined the importance of the value education and the need to teach for the children of today. Then she presented some important universal values like truth, responsibility, forgiveness, etc. then she explained in detail how to teach Moral Science in the School.

Soon after the session the teachers were divided into seven groups and given a value for each group and asked them to prepare the lesson according to the method taught. Every group worked seriously and got ready to present it in the afternoon.

The third session was dealt by Sr.Gracy Fatima on Civilization of Love - The role of family & School in the light of DOCAT and Laudato si. She explained the main points from the DO CAT and the spirituality of love – here and now. She summarized the salient points from the words of Pope Francis through the famous document Laudato si.

Then each group presented a model lesson and enriched everyone. As a result teachers found this seminar very useful one for their family life as well as to improve their teaching and to become a good Christian educator. The seminar came to an end with a prayer. A key chain was given to the participants as a token of love.


                                                                           Miss.Nisha Priyanthi.J

                                                                                  Polur – Sacred Heart Convent

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